Tuesday, June 25, 2024

About Us

Our Content

Newswarped Magazine has no political or ideological affiliations. We are here to celebrate the good things in this world and learn from our past. We deliver serious stuff like quizzes, entertainment, satire, and a sprinkling of sport.

For world news articles we will give you serious insight about what is happening today and highlight lessons from the past that help us understand why things are the way there are.

Our Business Model

We survive and develop our content solely through the crowdfunding from our subscribers and members. We do not sell advertising space or accept content commissions from corporates. We are independent.

Our Philosophy

Above all we are about HOPE. Hope for a better world, hope for peace, hope for understanding and acceptance.

We do not accept that issues and events need to be looked at as either right or wrong with no in-between.

We also do not accept that holding an ideology to be correct in all circumstances, and ignoring any factual evidence to the contrary is a smart way to achieve peace and understanding.

For people who move through life waiting to be offended – we will probably offend you.

For people that like single flavoured news that validates their world view – we will probably offend you too.

For us it does not matter what camp the person saying stuff is from. If something is daft we will say so. If something is hypocritical we will say so. If something is awesome we will say so.

For politicians and leaders who put their own ambitions above the people they represent – we will point that out.

If there are leaders who are in love with the thought of themselves – we point that out too. Not with threats or anger – but with truth and laughter – Veritas et Risus!!!


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