Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cemetery Health and Safety – Cassino, Italy

The view of the pool of remembrance from the base of the cross.

In the beautiful serenity of the military cemetery in the town of Cassino, Italy the power of health and safety consultants has raised it visible head. The pool of remembrance with the memorial cross at its head is surrounded by a rope fence and a sign at each end proclaiming a ‘Falling and Drowning Hazard’. The pool is around 2 feet deep. If humans (including small children) fell into the pool they could prevent being drowned by kneeling or standing up.

There is further irony to this situation that the location is a cemetery containing the remains of hundreds of soldiers who died violently during the 1941 battle for Cassino town and the Monte Cassino Monastery on the hill above the town. I wonder what types of signs and barriers the health and safety consultants would have come up with during the battle? Oh wait – back then they hadn’t been invented yet.

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