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Chateau Tongaririo, Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

Built in 1929, the Chateau Tongariro is one of New Zealand’s iconic buildings. In a country better known for its scenery than its architecture, the Chateau looks like it has been shipped in from Europe – or in the case of the Chateau Tongariro, inspired by the Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

Old World charm surrounded by natural beauty

The charm of Chateau Tongariro is the lack or competition from other sizeable buildings. Set in the Tongariro National Park against the backdrop of the active volcano – Mount Ruapehu, the Chateau stands alone as a nostalgic masterpiece to a bygone era of 1920’s travel brought about by the rise of the automobile and what we know today as adventure tourism.

View of Mt Ngauruhoe from the High Tea dining area in Chateau Tongariro

The dining and lounge areas of the hotel are a little rough around the edges in a ‘faded empire’

sort of way but that is part of the appeal. The high tea with the giant window framing Mount Ngauruhoe (another active volcano) is incredibly popular and bookings are essential. The lounge areas are at their best after the freeloading day trippers have gone for the day leaving the paying guests to enjoy the comfort of the surroundings and soak in this unique venue.

The accommodation is comfortable, well decorated with a nod to the past and offers beautiful views. The rooms have an air of class that many modern hotels find hard to replicate.

For Information and Bookings go to https://www.chateau.co.nz/

Heritage Room – Chateau Tongariro
At the top of the Sky Waka Gondola, Mt Ruapehu
View of Mt Ruapehu from a suite at the Chateau Tongariro
View from Top of the Bruce, Mt Ruapehu. Mt Taranaki can be seen in the distance

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