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Lake Rotokare – Taranaki, New Zealand

Lake Walkway Track

Beautiful Lake Rotokare is a 17 minute drive from the Taranaki town of Eltham on the eastern side of the North Island of New Zealand. It is at the centre of the Rotokare Scenic Reserve that is encased by a predator free fence that allows native plants and birds to flourish in a protected environment.

Kahikatea Tree

The 4km Lake Walkway circles the lake and takes you through established New Zealand forest including the mighty Kahikatea and Rewarewa trees.

For more of a challenge there is the 6km Ridgewalk Track that follows a large section of the pest-free fence.

Boating is allowed, and camping is ok within particular conditions. There is a well maintained toilet block and plenty of parking.

For more information including donating to the work of the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust click on the link below.

Camping Area – Lake Rotokare

The population of North Island Saddleback/Tieke is a recovering but the birds are still a rare sight. The Rotokare Scenic Reserve is one of only five mainland protected locations where there are significant numbers of Tieke.

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