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Outstanding Artists: Leire

Singer/ Songwriter Leire Gotxi is blazing a trail as an independent musician. Residing in London, the Basque Country native has worked her socks off to try and make it in the music industry. She has been frozen and rained on busking on the streets of London and doing gigs when she can get them.

Leire Gotxi

I found her on TikTok about 18 months ago and have followed her career ever since. It is not often that you find an artist with charisma, passion and talent that the music industry simply ignores. She is popular on TikTok, has over 2 million streams on Spotify yet can’t get a record deal or mainstream airplay.

Her covers are powerful, her original music is high quality with thoughtful lyrics that are sung from the heart. Many others would have given up but Leire is still trying. With her equally talented partner and co-writer – Atticus Blue – she has now embraced her independence in frustration at radio stations and record labels. Her ticket to deserved stardom is now in the hands of ordinary fans like you and I who need to shine our collective spotlight on her so that she cannot be ignored any longer.

Busking in London’s exotic climate to make a living demonstrates true determination to make it in the music industry.

If you are tired of manufactured fakes supported by covert and overt marketing machines then I recommend you spend some time with an artist who works for a living as hard as you do. Is honest about her struggles and mistakes. But still brings joy day after day to her fans on the streets of London and online.

Way down in the bottom of the South Pacific, little old Newswarped Magazine also embraces its independence. We recognise talented battlers when we see them. Help give Leire and Atticus a boost. Show them your love, post positive comments, stream their music and stick one up the noses of the music industry and tight arse radio stations.

I Found You is Leire and Atticus’s biggest original song. I’ve seen lots of different clips of this song but the chemistry is always the same – awesome.

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