Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Restaurant Health and Safety – Wellington, New Zealand

This restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand has found some extra storage space on the steps of their one and only emergency exit near the kitchen.

A shame about that pesky health and safety sign. As long as we don’t have a fire everything will be sweet.

On the health and safety hierarchy of controls inverted triangle there is a reason that signage is down the arse end of the effectiveness scale.

The step back view of the sensational compliance with the site fire plan.

The SEO programme offered me this excerpt. It was so awesomely over the top I thought I had better reproduce here just in case Google didn’t show it.

A Wellington restaurant has inappropriately used their emergency exit steps near the kitchen for extra storage. This flouts health and safety protocols, despite on-site signage indicating the contrary. Their actions disregard the foundational hierarchy of effective health and safety measures, banking on the absence of a fire to avoid consequences.

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