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Split Apple Rock – Tasman, New Zealand

Split Apple Rock (Tokangawhā) is located offshore within Towers Bay in the Abel Tasman National Park at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. The large granite boulder is estimated to be over 120 million years old.

Located 50 metres offshore in Towers Bay – Tasman, New Zealand.

To view Split Apple Rock drive 7km north from popular holiday spot – Kaiteriteri Beach.

Māori legend claims the giant granite boulder was split when Tangaroa (The god of the sea) and Tāne (the god of the forests and birds) were fighting to possess it. Both claimed it as part of their domain. During their fight they split the rock in half, that resulted in neither of them wanting it. In Māori the rock is called Tokangawhā which means “burst open rock”.

The view from the shore of Towers Bay.

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